Story behind opening Positively Beautiful Boutique

Posted by Angela Farmer on 16th Nov 2021

Story behind opening Positively Beautiful Boutique

My philosophy is that creating a positive and optimistic outlook starts with looking and feeling your best! Combining my love for fashion with a passion for helping others I strive to create a caring atmosphere that provides excellent customer service while offering a classy, feminine, and beautiful selection at my boutique. The purpose of Positively Beautiful Boutique & Gifts is to create a positive and uplifting environment for helping women feel and look their best, most confident, and beautiful. 

I have always loved boutique shopping to find unique and different clothes, accessories, and gifts.  That was one of my favorite ways to spend my free time however I did not have a favorite boutique for my style near where I lived.  I had a desire to create an environment that would be the type of place I would love to shop myself and have the styles of clothes that I love near my home with a Boutique in Knoxville TN.  That dream has became a reality that I hope you will come visit, shop at, and enjoy!  On most days you will find me wearing a modest dress, I love a classic and timeless style with an occasional trendy statement piece or accessory, over all I love clothes that have a very feminine and preppy look.  I also love to give unique gifts and oftentimes it is an inspirational item that I select; as I find items I would love to share I add them to the boutique.  I also love to find organic skin care and candles and when I find items I love they also find a home in the boutique for sale when possible.  

More than creating something to be fulfilling to only myself I wanted the business to be able to have a positive impact for others. Some chapters of life are harder than others and in those hardest chapters it is even more important to have a place to go that feels positive and be surrounded with encouraging people. While I enjoy working with each and every lady there is a special desire I have to uplift ladies that are in a difficult chapter helping them feel their best. While I have never been through cancer myself I have a special desire to help those that are or have been and I want to help eliminate some of the stress that a lady may have from her cancer treatments or mastectomy.  Having a bra fitting service in my boutique for all ladies creates the perfect venue for also providing postmastectomy fittings.  I am also trained and certified to provide fitting services for post mastectomy needs. A boutique is an alternate shopping atmosphere for those products that allows them to shop for bras that will be best for their situation and have it billed to their insurance when possible without having to go through a hospital or pharmacy. My desire is that this service will help make a difference in a small way to ladies that have already had more difficulties than I can imagine. 

I hope to see  you in the boutique soon, if I'm in when you stop by please introduce yourself and let me know you read my blog (I'll give you a discount on your purchase as a thank you for taking your time to read). 

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