Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 25mm

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100% 25mm Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Hidden Zip

Our silk pillowcase is made from 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, which can help you get a good night’s sleep. 100% natural and hypoallergenic, it is safe for long-term use and will not irritate your skin.

100% mulberry silk for your ultimate beauty sleep. Ditch those cotton pillows and get some silk! Our silk pillow cases are the perfect way to enjoy luxury sleep from 100% mulberry silk. It has a cool touch and softness that is not easy to find. The silk pillowcase will make your sleep healthy and smooth, it will also help you get rid of wrinkles in the eye area and on the face - all without putting any chemicals on your skin!

Mulberry silk pillowcases are the best way to prevent wrinkles and keep your face moisturized with natural oil. What's more, they are also a great choice for people with sensitive skin, allergies, acne, or rosacea. Our silk pillowcases will put on any type of pillow in seconds.

  • The highest-quality silk is mulberry silk, which is the most durable silk and also the softest, which makes it ideal for a frequently used item like a pillowcase.
  • Mulberry silk threads are luxurious to the touch and feel smoother, stronger, and more uniformly colored than any other variety of silk.
  • Reduced friction, the retention of natural oils of the hair and skin
  • Protecting delicate facial skin can prevent wrinkles
  • Helps with  sensitive skin and preventinh acne
  • Thermoregulating power